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Lightweight WordPress performance plugin.

Slow WordPress sites have higher bounce rates and fewer conversions. The perfmatters plugin was created by webperf geeks to speed up your site!

WordPress performance plugin

Easy Dashboard

A minimal and easy to use dashboard with one-click toggles. You don’t have to be tech-savvy to use Perfmatters.


Increases the speed of your site by reducing HTTP requests, disabling plugins, stripping out code, and optimizing your database.


We are all about no bloat! Clean code, lightweight at under 50 KB, and no JavaScript on the front-end of your site.


Support straight from the developers of the plugin. We have over 19 years of experience working in WordPress.

Frequent Updates

We love new things too! And that’s why we push out more updates and new features than anyone we know of.


We code and test our plugins to work with all themes and plugins. It is designed to work alongside your caching plugin.

Kind words from our happy customers.

I’ve been very impressed with what perfmatters can do. It has reduced my page sizes and total number of HTTP requests. I’m sure I can optimize my website even further by disabling features in the script manager to load code more efficiently. –

Kevin Muldoon

Kevin Muldoon
Blogger and Internet Marketer

chad barnes

Chad Barnes
Head Honcho at SkyrocketWP

Awesome! perfmatters couldn’t have been easier to set up—really clean design and to-the-point documentation. We took the recommendations from the documentation and reduced our requests by 10% and shaved 12% from our page speed—down from 1s to 864ms. –

I love your WP Performance plugin – it really does work just as advertised – really simple to use and it does markedly improve the loading time of my sites. Most importantly though you maintain, update and support your plugins which is not always the case. And thanks ever so much for your terrific support in making some plugin changes so that I, as a blind person, have full access to manage your plugin – accessibility is an important issue and your support is great and very fast and friendly. –

dale reardon

Dale Reardon
Founder, My Disability Matters

richard lazazzera

Richard Lazazzera
Founder of A Better Lemonade Stand

Super happy with perfmatters. Because of this plugin, we finally got A Better Lemonade Stand under the elusive 1 second load time. Now our whole site feels super snappy. Beyond the performance, you’ll get nothing but top-notch support from the founders themselves. –

Get the #1 web performance plugin for WordPress

We have over 19 years of experience speeding up and optimizing WordPress sites. Performance really does matter, and we don’t settle for anything but lightning fast.