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Feature Requests

Last Updated: 01.11.18

If you have a feature you would like added, feel free to contact us. Below are features we either have already planned or are discussing.

Coming in Next Update

  • Stay tuned…

Pending (Under Discussion)

  • [12.22.17] Multisite support for default plugin options to apply to subsites.
  • [12.17.17] Script Manager organize scripts by plugin, possibly a toggle for that.
  • [12.17.17] Parse and remove all HTML comments in source code.
  • [12.11.17] Script Manager URL Groups tab which could be determined and set by the user and then used to disable/enable scripts by group in the main view. Also, have the option to disable on URL children.
  • [12.07.17] Hide/disable menu elements in dashboard
  • [09.03.17] Disable blog (comments, categories, tags, etc.)
  • [08.28.17] Script manager alternative view for devs.
  • [08.28.17] Script manager clear all settings.
  • [08.14.17] Lazy load comments.
  • [08.01.17] Disable automatic JPEG compression.
  • [08.01.17] Preconnect, Prerender, Preload
  • [07.24.17] Remove multiple instances of font awesome if loading from different plugins/themes.
  • [06.30.17] Show local gravatar (disable external gravatar calls)
  • [06.05.17] Import/Export plugin settings
  • [06.04.17] Lazy load images
  • [06.04.17] Minify HTML/CSS/JS
  • [05.30.17] Disable Google Fonts
  • [05.22.17] Disable comments globally
  • [05.22.17] Remove Yoast SEO comments in front-end HTML
  • [05.22.17] Lazy load native WordPress comments
  • [05.22.17] Detect and add favicon if missing? Causes 404 break in speed tests.
  • [05.22.17] Sync Google Analytics locally


  • [06.03.17] Fixed some accessibility issues on the checkbox toggle inputs.
  • [05.30.17] Rename backend “Remove Feed Links” option to “Remove RSS Feed Links.”
  • [05.20.17] Fixed conflict with existing Heartbeat API plugin


Not Possible

  • [06.19.17] Add WordPress version compatibility message (this isn’t possible because the plugin isn’t in the repository)

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