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Perfmatters reviews & feedback from customers

Check out reviews and feedback we’ve been getting from our amazing customers that have tried and are actively using the Perfmatters plugin to optimize their WordPress sites.

Matthew Woodward

Matthew Woodward
Award-winning Internet Marketer

Perfmatters makes it easy to take control of CSS and JavaScript across your site which seriously speeds things up. That’s important because site speed is a ranking factor for Google and your customers, and that’s why we deploy Perfmatters as part of our standard

Tony Florida

Tony Florida
YouTuber, developer, and entrepreneur

By combining the ability to disable and remove unnecessary WordPress features and using the script manager to prevent unused resources from being loaded, my homepage went from a size of 1.8 MB with 33 resources to just 288 KB with only 17 requests with

Andrew Witts

Andrew Witts
Director, Studio 36 Digital

I’ve used many of the well-known WordPress performance optimization plugins, and nothing comes close to Perfmatters. It’s straightforward to install and use, fantastic and thorough documentation, and exceptionally well priced. It’s a lightweight plugin that does everything needed to speed up your WordPress site and meet those all-important Core Web Vitals standards. –

Biron Clark

Biron Clark
Job Search Expert, Founder

Using Perfmatters was the easiest website performance optimization step I’ve taken all year, and one of the most impactful. Pages are loading faster in Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool and the process was hassle-free, even though I’m not a developer. The plugin provides clear descriptions of what each option does so I could quickly determine which settings to adjust without any guesswork or extra research. It took less than 15 minutes to toggle the settings I needed and see meaningful

Matt Volpert

Matt Volpert

Perfmatters took our Avada site and was able to get it blazing fast pretty easily. One item that is vastly different than other plugins is that they explain what each option does without leaving you to guess what the technical terms mean. This eliminates the blind guessing to optimization and you feel empowered that you can do it on your own without looking to Google or hiring a professional for help. And finally, Instant Page (a Perfmatters feature) is like MAGIC!

Max Jacobs

Max Jacobs
Web designer, marketing consultant

Most performance optimization plugins provide a band-aid approach. Perfmatters is different; it helps you fix underlying problems that translate into real performance gains. And with the Google Page Experience Update, performance matters now more than ever!

Christine Preusler

Christine Preusler
Contributing Editor,

Web traffic, user engagement, and even conversions are directly tied to web performance, whether you’re running a blog or an ecommerce business. And now, as Google continues to prioritize clean, unbulky code in search engine rankings, it’s more important than ever to turn to lightweight performance solutions.

Enter Perfmatters. The plugin, known for its low resource consumption, cutting code bloat, and boosting performance on WordPress websites — which make up nearly 40% of sites on the

Leigh Ellis

Leigh Ellis
Solicitor, Hall Ellis Solicitors

We were having problems with page speed and needed a fix. Quickly. We saw the free page speed optimization plugin options out there. They were difficult to fathom and only do the basics. Really – calling a spade a spade – they’re just lead magnets for expensive consulting services.

We had to try another option. A paid plugin was the way to go.

Perfmatters was quick and easy to work out. In days we were clocking over 95 across the board on Google PageSpeed Insights. Site speed is a solved problem now. We’ve moved on to the next problem. –



Perfmatters is a must-have plugin for every site owner that cares about performance. It has drastically decreased my website’s loading times and improved user experience. The plugin is very user-friendly and customer support is top-notch! Give it a try and see for yourself. I know I won’t build a website without it anymore. –

Review from Kevin Muldoon –

I’ve been very impressed with what perfmatters can do. It has reduced my page sizes and total number of HTTP requests. I’m sure I can optimize my website even further by disabling features in the script manager to load code more efficiently.

Review from Chad Barnes –

Awesome! perfmatters couldn’t have been easier to setup—really clean design and to-the-point documentation. We took the recommendations from the documentation and reduced our requests by 10% and shaved 12% from our page speed—down from 1s to 864ms.


Saved 25% (and 500KB) off total page size using Perfmatters – this is AFTER extensive optimization using Plugin Organizer. I was shocked at how much I was able to save by fine-tuning JS/CSS that is downloaded per page. – @technologypoet (source)

Review from Dale Reardon –

I love your WP Performance plugin – it really does work just as advertised – really simple to use and it does markedly improve the loading time of my sites. Most importantly though you maintain, update and support your plugins which is not always the case. And thanks ever so much for your terrific support in making some plugin changes so that I, as a blind person, have full access to manage your plugin – accessibility is an important issue and your support is great and very fast and friendly.

Review from Matt Ahlgren –

Perfmatters is such a nifty speed optimization plugin! Installing it and using the out of the box default settings shaved off 0.2 seconds of my homepage’s load time. What I love the most is how I can conditionally load css/js scripts on a per post or page basis. This feature alone has drastically reduced HTTP requests and helped improve my sites’s page speed.

Review from Richard Lazazzera –

Super happy with perfmatters. Because of this plugin, we finally got A Better Lemonade Stand under the elusive 1 second load time. Now our whole site feels super snappy. Beyond the performance, you’ll get nothing but top-notch support from the founders themselves.

Dan Richardson

Been playing around with Perfmatters and Autoptimize on my site. Pretty happy with this, think I can get a bit more off still though. Cheers Brian! – @njsdanrich (source)

Review from John Aps –

The power of tailoring any WordPress website in the hands of anyone. Perfmatters is the answer to the developers that say a non-custom site will never be as fast and unbloated as a custom one! And on top of that, from personal experience, they also do have great support. Congrats to the Perfmatters team for their work. Sign me up as a fan!

Review from Andrés Sanchez –

Perfmatters is a fantastic plugin that helped reduce the number of server requests by as much as 50% or more on most pages. The Script Manager, in conjunction with the other great performance-enhancing features, dramatically improved page loading speed on our site. If that’s not reason enough, know that their customer support is top-notch. The guys at Perfmatters have surpassed my expectations!

Review from Jeremiah Say –

I never believed in ‘1-click success’ until I stumbled upon Perfmatters. It made my WordPress sites faster with just a click (okay, couple of clicks). The dashboard is extremely easy to use. It took me only 5 minutes from purchase to installing, to setting everything up. I was exhilarated when I saw my speed test results turned from F to C in an instance. Today, my site loads in under 1 second and I gladly attribute the success to Brian and Brett (the men behind this awesome plugin). For the price and the results it produced, investing in Perfmatters is the best decision I’ve made in my 3 years of blogging. For me, this is a must-have plugin if you’re serious about performance and the reader’s experience.

Review from James –

The Perfmatters plugin gives WordPress website owners a super easy and simple way to directly impact the page speed and performance of their website. It’s very lightweight, works alongside your caching plugin, and they frequently update it with new features.

Review from Chad Thiele –

It’s one of my core, go-to performance plugins for building fast websites because of its simple interface and an excellent selection of functionality.

Review from Sonja Gosine –

The Perfmatters team continues to impress us. The plugin is easy to use with plain English documentation explaining each of its features. If you want to optimize your WordPress site easily and efficiently, this is the way to do it. Plus, the team behind it really goes above and beyond in delivering. Thanks for being a great partner for Hauseit!

Review from Mark Crowell –

I’ve been waiting years for a plugin like Perfmatters! The Script Manager is a huge time saver for me. I used to manually remove unneeded scripts when necessary. Now I can visually see which scripts are removed in a very organized and clean interface. Thanks for creating this very useful plugin!

Review from Phil –

I just wanted to say that your Perfmatters plugin is magic!

The backend settings are exceptionally useful and the documentation for them is excellent, the script manager is an absolute must-have for improving performance and has saved me days of time trying to find functions to remove certain scripts, and your support is super fast and helpful.

I only wish I’d known about you sooner!

Review from Christer

I’ve been looking for some time for a plugin to optimize my site. After many disappointments, I finally found Perfmatters, and it’s amazing. There are numerous options for tweaking and getting rid of code bloat. Each setting is thoroughly explained, so there is no need to worry. My webpage is so much faster now. If that wasn’t enough, the support is very friendly and always ready to help when needed—pure quality through and through.

Review from Adam

Perfmatters is an essential part of my WordPress toolbox. I use it on every website because it allows me to cut bloat and speed up my sites without technical headaches.

Review from Mark

Perfmatters has enabled us to achieve meaningful and measurable performance improvements on our site. Savings of up to 400 KB per page and JavaScript execution time at least halved across the site.

Aside from disabling JS and CSS across different page types, the global settings for handling Google Analytics and preloading fonts have also boosted speed. From a visitor’s perspective, the front-end performance enhancements are impressive.

The professional, friendly, and responsive support is what sets this plugin apart from alternative options. They have been more than willing to help with difficult to identify script combinations.

Review from Sal

Perfmatters is a fantastic plugin that improved the performance and speed of my website. I can clearly see a 40% boost and love their customer support; it’s top-notch. I would recommend this; it’s worth buying.

Mikhael Bounik

Mikhael Bounik

Every second can increase the probability of a user bouncing by 32%, and Perfmatters addresses the problem directly. With the Script Manager alone, I was easily able to reduce the number of requests by half. That’s huge! –