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How to create a blank favicon on your WordPress site

If you’re constantly benchmarking new WordPress sites, especially fresh installs, it can be annoying as a missing favicon will generate a 404 error in speed testing tools.

But great news! If you already install our Perfmatters plugin as part of your regular workflow, we now have a simple option to generate a blank favicon on your site with just code (data). You can read more about this in our in-depth post on how to manually create a blank favicon.

Add a blank favicon

To add a blank favicon, follow the steps below.

Step 1

Click into the Perfmatters plugin settings.

Perfmatters plugin settings
Perfmatters plugin settings

Step 2

Under the “Options” tab and “General” sub-navigation menu, toggle on “Add Blank Favicon.”

Create blank favicon
Create blank favicon

Step 3

Scroll down and click “Save Changes.”

This will automatically generate the following code in the header of your WordPress site to fix the 404 error.


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