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How to Disable Google Fonts in WordPress

Google Fonts is a great service, but there are some scenarios when you might need to disable Google Fonts. Here are a couple of reasons why:

  • You want to move to system fonts and your WordPress theme doesn’t have an easy option to disable their integrated Google Fonts.
  • You want to host Google fonts locally instead.
  • You want to use a premium custom font instead of Google fonts.

How to Disable Google Fonts in WordPress

To disable Google Fonts click into the Perfmatters settings and enable the “Disable Google Fonts” option.

Disable Google Fonts
Disable Google Fonts

Troubleshooting Google Fonts

Are you still seeing Google Fonts loading after enabling the feature? This is most likely due to your WordPress theme or third-party plugin. The above feature will only work if the fonts are properly enqueued in WordPress. If they are loaded differently, you will need to reach out to the theme or plugin developer for help on how to remove them.

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